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Haunted Duluth is your guide to all
Halloween happenings in the
Twin Ports of Duluth, Minnesota
and Superior, Wisconsin!

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10/1/14 - Did you know that there are deals that can save you money on local Halloween attractions? I post them on the Haunted Duluth Facebook page, so be sure to check in and save some spooky cash!

9/29/14 - Be sure to check out the Haunted Duluth Facebook page to be the first to know when Halloween deals and events are posted!

9/25/14 - Hey, where are the contests?!? HauntedDuluth is saving contests for next year when I re-launch the site with a new design. You can still check the website for events, and sign up for the Haunted Duluth event newsletter to get weekly emails! Sign up for the list here!

9/24/14 - Halloween season is upon us once again! If you have a Halloween event, be sure to email it to me so I can include it on the events page!

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